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Lineage: 11:11 x Zangria

Pack Size: 6 Seeds

Sex: Feminized

Flowering Time: 8 – 10 Weeks


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ContentLineage: 11:11 x Zangria Pack Size: 6 Seeds Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 8 - 10 Weeks

Sherbzooka Wizard trees

Sherbzooka Wizard trees Seeds are available on our online ,platform Tea Time #13, so far we have a total of 3 pheno’s the 13,30 and 35 looking forward to the winner. Tea Time #13 ( Zkittles x Rs11) smelling like Rs11 on steroids. has an amazing plat structure like Rs11. Also got a few Z x Zangria pheno’s that have been coming out really fire. Zangria crosses came out really fire. the Zangria is becoming one of my favorite strains in the line up. Lil Pump smoking on some. Sherbzooka Wizard  x Zangria about to pop another 50 of these seeds. The Zangria crosses came out extremely special Also the smoothie x Zangria smelling like a strawberry Yogurt with a hint of Z. Burning Rope Burning Rope direct to consumer is firing up with some absolute gas. The Heel Hook ( Chem3 x Rs11) & Rodeo (Cowboy Cookies x R11) Both of these crosses had soo many great phenos to choose from. E\We have also made our Appearance in the California Rec market! It wouldn’t be possible without the Team Goat Global Enterprise, a big shoutout to them, our collaboration with wizard trees, We have the Skywalker OG x Rs11, Gunsmoke x Rs11.
Strain Name Sherbzooka
Breeder Wizard Trees Genetics
Genetic Heritage Sunset Sherb x RS11
Seed Type Feminized
Seeds Per Pack 3 and 6
SHERBZOOKA Feminized Flowering Time : 9 weeks Genetics : ( Sunset Sherb x RS11 ) Sex : Feminized Yield : Heavy Size : 3 and 6 seeds packs Lineage: Sunset Sherb x RS11 Pack Size: 6 Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks

Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow Swirl by Wizard Trees Genetics is a CREAM x RS11 hybrid that flowers in 56-63 days. Available in packs of 6 feminized cannabis seeds. Have you ever heard of rainbow swirl wizard trees? No, they're not a new type of magical plant in a fantasy novel, but rather an incredible natural phenomenon that can be seen in real life. These unique trees can be found in various parts of the world, and their vibrant colors are truly a sight to behold. So, what exactly are rainbow swirl wizard trees? They are a type of eucalyptus tree, scientifically known as Eucalyptus deglupta, which is native to the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. These trees are also commonly called "rainbow eucalyptus" or "painted eucalyptus" due to their stunning multi-colored bark. The rainbow swirl effect on these trees is created by shedding patches of bark, which then reveal bright green, orange, purple, and maroon layers underneath. As the bark continues to peel, the colors change and blend together, creating a mesmerizing swirl pattern. This process is similar to how a painter mixes colors to create different shades and tones. The reason behind this fascinating color display is still a bit of a mystery. It is believed that the different colors are caused by the tree's ability to absorb various wavelengths of the sunlight. The bark also contains a pigment called tannin, which reacts with the elements found in the air, such as oxygen and carbon, resulting in different colors. This scientific explanation adds to the magical aura surrounding these trees. You may wonder why these trees are called "wizard trees." Well, apart from their enchanting colors, these trees are also known to have healing properties. The indigenous people of the Philippines have been using the leaves, bark, and oil of these trees. Lineage: CREAM x RS11 Pack Size: 6 Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks

Fiestaz Trees Genetics

Fiestaz Trees Genetics , RS11 crossed to Ripz. This strain consistently produces large, candy nugs. As another addition to the Rainbow variations in the collection, Fiestaz stands out with its contrasting heavy trichome production against the dark hues of the flowers. It's the perfect smoke for candy lovers, delivering a delightful experience that will satisfy your craving. FIESTAZ Wizard Trees are relatively new in the horticulture industry and have been gaining popularity amongst plant enthusiasts. These trees originate from Mexico and are also known as "Arbol de Brujo" which translates to "Witch Tree" in English. The name itself sparks curiosity and brings to mind images of witches brewing potions and casting spells. But what makes these Fiestaz Trees Genetics so special? Well, for starters, they have bright and vibrant colors, making them stand out in any garden. Some of the most common colors are purple, red, and yellow, creating a mesmerizing display when planted together. These colors are a result of a rare genetic mutation, making each tree unique and one of a kind. Apart from their striking appearance, these trees are also believed to have healing properties. In traditional Mexican medicine, the leaves and bark of the FIESTAZ Wizard Tree were used to treat various ailments, including respiratory issues, stomach problems, and skin conditions. It is also considered a symbol of protection and good fortune in Mexican culture, often planted near homes for these purposes. Furthermore, these trees are known to attract a variety of insects and birds, making them a haven for wildlife. And if you're lucky, you might even spot some magical creatures like fairies and elves resting on the branches of these trees. Lineage: Ripz x RS11 Fiestaz Trees Genetics Pack Size: 6 Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks

Rainbow Gelato

Rainbow Gelato is a unknown variety from GreenFire Genetics and can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. GreenFire Genetics' Rainbow Gelato is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds. Gelato 41 x Rainbow Pie F2 Have you ever heard of Rainbow Gelato Wizard Trees? If you are a fan of colorful and unique desserts, then this is something you need to try. These delicious treats are not only pleasing to the eyes but also a magical sensation for the taste buds. So, what exactly are Rainbow Gelato Wizard Trees? They are essentially tall ice cream cones made of colorful and flavored gelato, stacked in a way that resembles a tree. Each layer represents a different flavor, creating a beautiful rainbow effect. It's not surprising that they are often referred to as "wizard trees" as they seem to come straight out of a fantasy world. The concept of these gelato trees originated in Italy, the land of gelato. It was created by the famous Italian gelateria, Amorino, which has branches all over the world. Since its introduction, these rainbow gelato wizard trees have become a popular sensation, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. What sets these gelato trees apart from regular ice cream is not just their appearance, but also the taste. Amorino uses natural and high-quality ingredients to make their gelato, resulting in a velvety and creamy texture with intense flavors. They offer a wide range of flavors, including classics like chocolate and vanilla, as well as unique options like mango and passion fruit. One of the most exciting things about Rainbow  Wizard Trees is that you can create your own. At Amorino, you can choose up to six flavors to be stacked in your tree. The cone is also topped with a macaron and a chocolate wafer, adding a fun touch to this already whimsical dessert. Lineage: Gelato 41 x RS11 Pack Size: 6 Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks

Heel hook wizard

Have you ever heard of the term “Heel hook wizard”? It may sound like something out of a fantasy novel, but in the world of climbing, it’s a skill that every climber strives to master. And a good place to start your journey as a Heel hook wizard is with the Wizard Trees seed. For those who are new to the sport of climbing, a heel hook is a climbing technique where the heel of the foot is used to provide additional support and balance while climbing. Heel hook wizard It involves hooking the heel onto a hold, allowing the climber to use their leg muscles to push and pull themselves up the wall. One of the most important elements of a heel hook is the placement of the foot. And that’s where the Wizard Trees seed comes in. This particular hold is designed to help climbers develop their heel hooking skills. It mimics the shape and size of a tree seed, hence the name. By using this hold, climbers can practice and perfect their placement and efficiency of their heel hook. But why is mastering the heel hook so important in climbing? Well, for one, it allows climbers to utilize their leg muscles to support their body weight, giving their arms a much-needed rest. This can be crucial in longer routes or difficult overhangs where arm strength can quickly deplete. Another reason is that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities in climbing. With a good heel hook, climbers can reach holds and make moves that would be impossible with just their arms. It also allows for more dynamic movements, making the climb more exciting and challenging. Lineage: Chem #3 x RS11 Pack Size: 6 Sex: Feminized Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks
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